Keeping your pet well groomed has many benefits for both pets and owners. Grooming is not all about good looks however, it is about good health as well. Aside from looking their very best, being regularly groomed has many benefits for your pet's physical and mental health.

Gentle brushing of your pet's hair for example, has the added benefit of removing dead skin cells, loose hair, as well as distributing beneficial oils on your pet's coat and skin, helping to keep it shiny, healthy and helps prevent dandruff and protect against skin problems. In cats, for example, regular brushing is absolutely essential to their good health as it prevents formation of hairballs in the stomach. Brushing removes the loose hair that builds up in your cat's coat and prevents the cat from ingesting it when they clean themselves.

Regular bathing is also essential for your pet's health. Besides the aesthetic benefit of a clean appearance, it has many other benefits as well. A bath for example, dislodges any parasites that try to make a home out of your pet's coat. It helps remove any dirt that can build up in the coat as well, dirt in the coat can cause skin inflammation and leads to the formation of hot spots and other skin impurities. A well bathed, clean dog, will not only look better, but will also feel better as they are much less likely to have inflammation or other nasty skin conditions.

One criticism of regular bathing which people bring up is that it removes beneficial oils from the skin. Our salon uses only gentle soap free formula shampoos which are designed specifically to conserve your pet's natural oils.

Call or visit us today to make an appointment to groom your pet and we will consult you to meet your pet's specific needs. Our salon grooms dogs and cats of all breeds.

We also offer hand stripping!


Prices for all grooms vary depending on the size and breed of the dog, starting from $75.

All first time clients get an additional $15 off their first groom.


Main Haircut

Bath with gentle all natural shampoo, ears cleaned, nails cut, fluff dry and a scissor cut, according to pet parent's requested style.

Primary Bath

Relaxing bath, ears cleaned, nails cut, fluff dry and sanitary trim and face trim.

Simple Bath

Gentle bath, ears cleaned, toe nails cut and fluff dry. Simple baths do not include a brush out.

Feline Special

Bath with gentle shampoo specially formulated for cats, fluff dry, brushing out that extra hair and nails clipped

Meet the Lion

“Feline special” bath with lion cut.

Add more pampering:

Anal gland expression

Medicated or specialty shampoo

Coat conditioning

Blueberry facial

D'Tailed treatments

Flea and tick treatment - shampoo and spray to keep all those unwanted pests away

FURminator treatment – shampoo and solution to keep shedding under control.

Return to Nature- deep penetrating sea mineral bath to restore natural PH balance.

A La Carte

Nails trimmed

Ears cleaned

Gland expression-

Trimming any one area (Eyes,behind ears,sanitary trim,face trim,etc)

Teeth Cleaning