Our Groomer, Marina’s love for animals was cultivated from an early age. As a child, she would help take care of stray animals in her hometown, and dreamt of a career working with animals.

Her first job, was to volunteer for a veterinary clinic. As a volunteer assistant to the vet, she strived to make the animals in her care look and feel better. Marina felt that being clean, brushed out and trimmed was vital to helping the dogs and cats in the doctor’s care recover. She found out that every animal needed a specific approach. The doctor suggested that she could make a career in pet grooming.

Using her experience with animals, she set out to learn the art of pet grooming. Marina quickly found her way into the circle of the top NYC pet groomers. Beginning her pet grooming career in 1996, Marina became an apprentice to some of the top stylists of the time. Her first groomer’s job was at Karen Thompson’s salon on the Upper East Side where she was mentored by head groomer Jonathan David.

Combining the skills she learned from Jonathan and other top groomers Marina developed her grooming skills, where every pet was an individual and every cut unique. Jonathan eventually left for stardom, having been featured on Animal Planet.

Marina would work at top pet salons in New York City, gaining experience in many communities and serving thousands of different dogs and cats, before eventually returning back to the Upper East Side by joining the team here at People + Pets. People + Pets, agree with Marina’s philosophy of an individual approach towards every animal and pride ourselves on not only making your pet look fabulous, but also making sure they are comfortable in every step of the way, so that they leave the salon happy, healthy and beautiful.

After all, People + Pets = Happiness.